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Carlos Colina (Vocals/Harp)

 Carlos Colina's love for the Blues goes back over 30 years. His influences include Muddy Waters and the usual Harp Maestros (Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonny Boy II, etc.) He also acknowledges the influences of current masters such as Kim Wilson, William Clarke and Paul deLay. He has shared the stage with such luminaries as Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith, Carl Weathersby, Detroit Junior, and Willie Lane, while performing at top venues like BB King’s, The The Turning Point, Stanhope House, Watercolor Cafe and other Blues hotspots. Although a glib and charming front man, he would rather let the music speak for itself.








Leo Jordan (Guitar/Vocals)

Leo Jordan is a guitarist whose style is grounded in the tradition of Blues and Jazz. With influences that are diverse and far ranging, including Wes Montgomery, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Charlie Christian, Albert King, and more, Leo brings an individual approach to all he does. As a formally trained musician Leo has the ability to whip up a lot of music and is the musical director of the band. As a working musician he is logical, yet spontaneous and entertaining; a true crowd pleaser - watch out, hot stuff coming through!

Glenn 'G-Man' Govier (Bass)

Glenn Govier conveys the passion and intensity of the music as do few other bassists. Through the years the NYC native has appeared at venues ranging from local roadhouses all the way to Carnegie Hall. He was the creative force behind NY/NJ area blues group Rough & Ready, held the bass chair in the well-known R&B ensemble The Shades for several years and continues in his role as bassist/bandleader for the in-house Sony pop project VSB. While his influences are quite diverse, he cites ‘old school’ R&B bass players as being those who have had the most impact on his personal style.

John Vourtsis (Drums)

Born in Brooklyn NY, John has been playing drums, keyboards, guitar and bass since he was 8 and performed his first gig at age 12.  He has played and recorded with such distinguished artists as Kenny Barron, Vinnie Zummo, Bill Evans, Tomoko Ohno, Joy Mover, Jerry Vezza and others. John also plays drums with the Ralph Douglas Quartet, the Bob Himmelberger Jazz Trio and is resident drummer and bassist with several in-house bands at Sony.  With influences ranging from Elvin Jones and Mitch Mitchell to Steve Jordan and the great ‘60s R&B, Funk and Soul drummers, John is equally at home with swing and funk grooves. 




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